Seasickness [noun]

Definition of Seasickness:

sickness at sea

Synonyms of Seasickness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seasickness:


Sentence/Example of Seasickness:

Seasickness takes away all the romance that poets have invested it with.

She was sure her seasickness was the worst that had ever been known, but we all feel that.

Have you quite recovered from your seasickness by this time, Mrs. Daniver?

The first thing we had to face was seasickness, and very few escaped it.

"Tell you what's a good thing for seasickness," said the Sea Monster slyly.

"I will see that they do not suffer from seasickness," said the Doctor.

It might be a specific for seasickness, but it was not for home-sickness.

Cora knew that the lady had suffered with seasickness, and was anxious to reach land.

Curiosity dispelled the last vestiges of Percy's seasickness.

Why, don't you know a remedy for seasickness, or a pallative, at least?