Seaside [adjective]

Definition of Seaside:

concerning the sea

Synonyms of Seaside:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seaside:


Sentence/Example of Seaside:

A year later, Harriett, run down, was ordered to the seaside.

That is a privilege reserved for the heroines of the Seaside Library.

I'd arranged to go to the seaside this summer, but I've a chance of going up to the hills, too.

He was now weary of the city, and hastened lightly to the seaside.

First of all I must tell you I was lunching in that restaurant at the seaside.

It should be sent, as nerve patients are, to the seaside or the quiet of the hills.

It was near a fishing hamlet, by the seaside, that I saw the preacher again.

Every seaside town has its yacht or boat club, and in this the interest is perpetual.

He had intended to spend the honeymoon at his seaside residence.

Her uncle had always promised that some day he would take her to the seaside.