Seasoned [adjective]

Definition of Seasoned:


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Sentence/Example of Seasoned:

Boiled and seasoned as spinach it makes equally good greens.

Only three things could here interest these seasoned African travellers.

He, old and seasoned traveller as he was, had indeed fallen under the spell.

Fill it with slices of the lean of cold mutton, or lamb, seasoned also.

It's only a seasoning, and we must all be seasoned, one way or another.

The wood was seasoned and dry, and it was tied so closely to his neck that he could scarcely get his teeth to it.

Oh, they were seasoned, each of them, with a bitter infusion!

The pickle also must be seasoned with the spices above-mentioned.

I'm a Regular and always have been, but I'd be glad if my own society was seasoned with a few like him.

Even for this his travelled lordship, seasoned and saturated, had no laugh.