Seated [adjective]

Definition of Seated:


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Sentence/Example of Seated:

He was seated at a table with a variety of papers spread out before him.

"Be seated, Caleb," said Mr Clayton, as we entered the room in company.

The two were seated at a small table not far from that of the Sempers.

Viviette seated herself on a bench beneath the apple blossoms.

When they were all seated Mrs. Lethbridge addressed her sister.

As they talked Vavasor had seated himself on the fir-spoil beside her.

The horrible stiffness was somewhat broken, and all were seated.

Mary rejoined, with a whimsical pout, as she seated herself.

He seated himself in Gilder's chair at the desk, and drew the telephone to him.

Rico went into the room, seated himself on a bench, and did not stir.