Seating [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Seating:

He was on the point of seating himself when he heard Will's yell.

Your seating me at your table was an honour which I did not ambitiously affect.

He dropped into the boat, seating himself to face the recalcitrant Mulready.

"You are not in your habit," said Mrs. Vansittart, seating herself at the breakfast-table.

He did this by seating himself on her chest and gazing steadfastly in her face.

“Come here,” said the Graf, seating himself and drawing the boy to him.

Vance said, seating himself on a stone and putting down his box beside him.

So running up to the top and seating myself on the toboggan I set it in motion.

Seating myself in the darkest corner of the cabin, I waited and watched.

"I should think it does," said Jack, seating himself at the table.