Seats [noun]

Definition of Seats:

furniture for sitting, reclining

Synonyms of Seats:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seats:

Sentence/Example of Seats:

Over the seat is a mirror cut into small squares by wooden muntins.

With these words, he handed the pencil to the professor and returned to his seat.

Besides, Mr. Morgan offered to resign his seat in the House of Commons in his favor.

It was in February, 1855, that Mr. Gladstone resigned his seat in the Cabinet.

By the way, the seat which he occupied was another of Mr. Roberts' peculiarities.

Then he dropped to a seat on the couch, and proceeded to make his confidences to the magnate.

The stenographer was to take his seat in this corridor, just outside one of the windows.

He twisted himself around in the seat and sat looking at her.

Mrs. Menotti sprang up from the seat as if she had had a shock.

"All right," answered Langdon, getting down from the seat and taking the saddle.