Seawall [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Seawall:

"I have told her that we will not quit the seawall," he said with a short laugh.

Frank and Jimmy spent their summer together at Seawall, and renewed old acquaintances.

He clubbed the fat fellow with a rock and toppled him over the seawall into the lagoon where he floated face-down.

Out at the point of the seawall, near Chiriqui Prison, stands an old stone sentry box.

The Seawall Church has already sent out its influences to the ends of the earth.

The wind blew fresh off the bay; the waves beat up against the seawall, and swirled with a chuckle under Castle Garden bridge.

In the brief silence that followed this clear statement of affairs, they both heard the rattle of the iron gate by the seawall.

Every morning he half looked for him on the seawall, between "The Black Sailor" and the rectory garden.

The men are also kept at work grading the island, building the seawall, and cultivating the gardens.

Rick edged the rounded nose of the houseboat against the seawall as Scotty stepped ashore carrying the bowline.