Seaward [adjective]

Definition of Seaward:

away from the shoreline

Synonyms of Seaward:


Opposite/Antonyms of Seaward:

Sentence/Example of Seaward:

The wrack had thickened to seaward, and the coast was but a blurred line.

Seaward from palace-haunts, in the moonshine glistened and darkened.

For a mile or so from seaward there was a uniform depth of water right up to the bar.

The man, looking fixedly to seaward, smiled at the ardour of her tone.

Through the broken portion of the wall to seaward a man made his appearance.

But,” said I, “you said that on the seaward side the place is unassailable.

But after about two weeks the wind slackened and shifted a point from the seaward.

If they should find the seaward entrance to the cave, he was lost.

A storm of wind and rain was raging, blowing from the starboard or seaward side.

Just then the welcome sound of the firing of cannon to seaward reached their ears.