Seawater [noun]

Definition of Seawater:

water containing salt

Synonyms of Seawater:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seawater:


Sentence/Example of Seawater:

It is also worth asking why fresh water freezes, but seawater does not.

It is stained with seawater, and emits the musty smell which tells of immersion.

It looked like spirits or vinegar, but was, as I discovered, seawater for the aquarium.

This could, however, only now be looked upon as lost; for the seawater must have spoilt everything eatable.

A few biscuits, made savory by soaking them in seawater, a tuft of samphire gathered from the beach, and an apple for the dessert.

In the morning the rain abated, when we stripped and wrung our clothes through the seawater as usual, which refreshed us greatly.

There was not much flavor—only a little salt which I guessed came from seawater.

In a few days, five men were dispatched with five kettles to build a cairn for the manufacture of salt from seawater.

A deliberately made underwater signal can be heard through an unbelievable number of thousands of miles of seawater.

In doing so it happened one day that seawater spoiled a part of the provisions of one of the ships.