Secede [verb]

Definition of Secede:

pull away; split from

Synonyms of Secede:

Opposite/Antonyms of Secede:

Sentence/Example of Secede:

To secede from the Union was evidently to secede from the God of virtue and charity.

What are the consequences of this right of a State to secede from the Union?

And may Carolina secede and establish an independent government?

He saw that if the Southern States must secede, the quicker they did so the better.

We have come to two conclusions; to secede is a grave sin, but to lie is also a grave sin.

It is only when secession is absolutely unavoidable that it is right to secede.

They failed to maintain their ground by force of arms—in other words, they failed to secede.

"The right of a State to secede is not an open or debatable question," he said.

And if their case be otherwise, their secession, if secede they did, has still no weight.

Heavy penalties are incurred by all who secede to the Romish church.