Secessionist [noun]

Definition of Secessionist:

person who advocates significant, often extreme change

Synonyms of Secessionist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Secessionist:

Sentence/Example of Secessionist:

"All that is easily provided for," replied the Secessionist.

I am, I hope, too good a patriot to be a secessionist, much less a rebel.

He has been the most active Secessionist in Adair County, and the most desperate one.

I was sitting in his head-quarters when a St. Louis Secessionist entered.

A Secessionist had fled from his home, leaving his flocks and herds behind.

The secessionist element was voluntarily or perforce excluded.

Every Secessionist, North and South, understood and boasted of it.

He is a red-hot Secessionist, unt wants to kill every Yankee in the country.

Truth is too precious for a secessionist, thirsting for innocent blood.

American Indian as slaveholder and secessionist (Cleveland, 1915).