Seconded [verb]

Definition of Seconded:

support, advance a suggestion

Synonyms of Seconded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seconded:

Sentence/Example of Seconded:

M. de Guersaint, who was equally inquisitive, seconded this proposal.

The sound of the gong, seconded by the electrifying and resonant "Aboard!"

The resolution was seconded by Henry Quinn, and passed unanimously.

He told me how ably you have seconded him and counselled him where necessary.

Mrs. Melwyn seconded their designs with her most fervent wishes.

In this Edgar and Catherine seconded him to the best of their power.

It was moved and seconded to postpone the consideration of the last resolution.

It was moved and seconded to add after the words fifteen years the words "at least"

The resolution was seconded by a confirmatory mumble from Master Donkin.

Moved and seconded that the last meeting be of the aforesaid nature.