Seconder [noun]

Definition of Seconder:

person who advocates, supports cause

Synonyms of Seconder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seconder:

Sentence/Example of Seconder:

Egan's seconder followed the Major, and the crowd shouted again.

But it must be remarked that his seconder is not here this morning to speak for him.

Then the seconder advanced, and there was a general burst of applause.

And my name went up, with Mowbray Langdon's brother, Tom, as seconder.

"I must ask the gentleman to find a seconder for his motion," Leonard broke in.

On this subject the mover of the Address said never a word, and the seconder only a word or two.

Ramsey mentioned the unidentified man with the cornet but found no seconder.

The more popular the candidate, the less work there is for his proposer and seconder.

I was not the seconder; it was Mr. Dunning, recorder of this city.

Nominations are now made in writing by proposer, seconder, and eight others, all registered voters.