Secondly [adverb]

Definition of Secondly:

in the second place

Synonyms of Secondly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Secondly:


Sentence/Example of Secondly:

And secondly, will you kindly remember that, whether this be natural or not, it is true?

And, secondly, to marry Mr. Solmes, at the expiration of it.

Secondly, I cannot perceive any force in the arguments on which this theory is founded.

Secondly, that this is all very well, but must be very expensive.

Secondly, when the police are sent to capture him, he knocks down the police.

Secondly, Sensuality.difficult to trace, owing to its peculiar subtlety.

There must be first a husbandman, secondly a builder, thirdly a weaver, to which may be added a cobbler.

Secondly, that in this mixed class we find the idea of beauty.

His chief opponents are, first, Eristics or Megarians; secondly, the Materialists.

Secondly, the others differ from it, or it could not be described as different from the others?