Secretaire [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Secretaire:

She got up and went back to the secretaire, as if trying to restrain herself.

She sat down at the secretaire, and glanced over the page of figures.

And he tapped the veneered top of the secretaire with his forefinger.

She had closed and locked the secretaire and she handed the man the key.

Mrs. Soher began to dust a secretaire, talking all the while to her niece.

Moreover, the appearance of the secretaire was against this theory.

It was apparent, therefore, that the secretaire had been set on fire from below.

In the drawing-room only the secretaire and the floor beneath it had been burnt.

A few days after his Secretaire, d'Ambassade called on me with it.

I replied, "I know nothing about it, except that it was in your secretaire."