Secretaries [noun]

Definition of Secretaries:

office worker

Synonyms of Secretaries:

Opposite/Antonyms of Secretaries:


Sentence/Example of Secretaries:

"Been and gone," was the secretary's answer, with the terseness characteristic of her.

The secretary's voice was mechanical, without any trace of feeling.

He paused, evidently expectant of laudatory corroboration from the secretary.

But the effort on the secretary's part was wholly without success.

When Smithson had left the office, Gilder turned to his secretary.

As they moved toward the Secretary's office, Porter was accosted by his trainer.

He told me he had never had a secretary so useful as I was, and that he wished I'd never met you!

The First Secretary observed this play of physiognomy steadily.

He called for his secretary, Mr. Campbell, to write the despatches.

I've had my secretary cut 'em out—and the Fenton stuff, too.