Sectarian [adjective]

Definition of Sectarian:

narrow-minded, exclusive

Synonyms of Sectarian:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sectarian:

Sentence/Example of Sectarian:

The minute you touch on religion, as commonly understood, you reach the sectarian.

But I have never consulted the popular any more than the sectarian, Prejudice.

If free with the sectarian, it should be free with the elector.

Indeed, religious dissension and sectarian heat were in the very air.

Was the government of the two Caimacams to be sectarian or geographical?

He of all men knew the Wahhb best, and he, at least, can be accused of no sectarian bias.

Conspicuous among these was the spirit of sectarian competition.

If he does, his standpoint will be set for him, and it is sure to be sectarian.

Then syncretism began, and a body of sectarian notions was formed.

I once happened to hear a sectarian prophet delivering a sermon.