Sectarianism [noun]

Definition of Sectarianism:

prejudice against an ethnic group

Synonyms of Sectarianism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sectarianism:

Sentence/Example of Sectarianism:

It is sectarianism, and not religion, which would Dress every man alike.

This is not synonymous with sectarianism, creeds, dogmas or ceremonies.

We need less of the fanatics of sectarianism and more of the unifying mind.

Let the child believe anything or nothing, so as it is not some form of "sectarianism."

Perhaps no man was ever more free from sectarianism than George Whitefield.

"And as often free of preachers, as of sectarianism, it seems," said he.

No; it is your naturism that is "narrowness and sectarianism."

The spirit of sectarianism has been hitherto our fault, and the cause of our failures.

This is the secret of much of the isolation and sectarianism of modern Churches.

Being by temperament averse to sectarianism, I did not dispute the point with her.