Sectary [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sectary:

In form, he was certainly an Episcopalian, though not a sectary of that denomination.

He appears on the stage as a sectary, and plays his part with resolute energy.

Such is the contrast between the sectary and the philosopher.

When he dons the garb of the sectary, he naturally becomes weakened, and loses his chief charm.

Thus it will be seen that Wanless, though in his way a profoundly religious man, was in no sense a sectary.

No wonder, thought I, that the doctor called Mr. Gerard a sectary, and that Mr. Long was so cold and distant in his manner!

But this sense, once ascertained to the mind of the sectary, was to be taken for pure truth—for the very word of God.

Persecution has the same effect in politics, that it has in religion; it confirms the sectary.

M. Combes is a sectary, a renegade seminarist given over to Freemasonry.

If we really thought he came hither as a man and not a sectary, for instance, it were pity of our life.