Sections [noun]

Definition of Sections:

division, portion

Synonyms of Sections:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sections:

Sentence/Example of Sections:

I'm not quite ready to go; I must finish my sections for Prof. Darmstetter.

This consists of two sections, one horizontal, the other vertical.

I see that you will start carving me anon, and take me to Monmouth's camp in sections.

The act contains twenty-four sections, but is by no means cumbersome.

These provisions are covered by the first ten sections of the act.

Matters had not gone any better at other sections of the beach.

It is made in sections or "boxes" twelve or fourteen feet long.

For larger engravings a number of sections were mortised together.

Where there is a passage of particular simplicity, treat it in sections.

Once again he moved the ato-glass and began to study one of the sections.