Sectors [noun]

Definition of Sectors:

area, subdivision

Synonyms of Sectors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sectors:


Sentence/Example of Sectors:

And during all this time the forces of the seven sectors had been concentrating.

If they gained small advantages in some sectors it was to lose in others.

Each is shaped like a truncated cone and composed also of three sectors.

In spite of this we are inclined to apprehend all the sectors as equal.

As their sectors were inactive, their presence could be temporarily tolerated.

I listened to the roar of the four sectors of heaven all raining.

These attacks were made on both the British and French sectors.

The raid was not aimed against the American sectors to the east.

Additional stores will be distributed by wagon to the sectors.

Hunter fervently hoped United had taken Ann to one of the other sectors.