Sects [noun]

Definition of Sects:

school of thought

Synonyms of Sects:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sects:

Sentence/Example of Sects:

There is no sect which does not claim more than all mankind can claim.

Nor did we mention the sect of which, according to the Chief of Command, she was the head.

He was rather the head of a sect than the ruler of subjects.

The chroniclers were Buddhists belonging to the sect of the Buddha Gothama.

Of Air infected with the fumes of burning Charcoal 129 Sect.

After this discourse was quite over, a member of the sect arrived.

In suffrage meetings there should be no distinction of sect or party.

Thus the two sects: the sect of them that are with Thackeray and the sect of them that are against him.

He is a leader of the Christian sect, and a person of influence among them.

It would seem to have been the palace of Tiribazus, as the one mentioned in sect.