Secularism [noun]

Definition of Secularism:

unorthodox opinion, especially in religious matters

Synonyms of Secularism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Secularism:

Sentence/Example of Secularism:

Had she not always been strongly biased in favor of secularism?

What do they know about the thousand difficulties which have driven people into secularism?

Complacency cannot understand reverence, nor secularism, religion.

Any departure from them in an institution, proves its secularism.

What connection does he discover between Secularism and selfishness?

Has for many years been an advocate of Secularism and Co-operation.

It is the business of Secularism to teach every child; to teach every voter.

The Secular is a mode of instruction; Secularism is a code of conduct.

Secularism teaches that conduct should be based on reason and knowledge.

Controversy concerns itself with what is; Secularism with what ought to be.