Securely [adverb]

Definition of Securely:


Synonyms of Securely:

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Sentence/Example of Securely:

His nephew was securely disposed of for the night, being fastened in his chamber.

The mandate was obeyed, and Bates was lodged in the forecastle, securely ironed.

She had supposed she was leaning on John Gilman as securely as she had leaned on her father.

A second later, when he saw her securely on the road below, he smiled to himself.

The window is securely fastened, your Excellency, unless he breaks the glass.

At the fort Beauty Smith left him securely tied and went in to bed.

On the sled, securely lashed, was a long and narrow oblong box.

But his art surely saved him securely from her sense of desolation.

Roll the veal round it, and sew it or tie it securely with twine.

Solder is flowed around the pivot to hold it securely in place.