Secures [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Secures:

All laws to secure these ends will receive my best efforts for their enforcement.

Fruitful seasons have done much to secure it, but they have not done all.

But this man must be secure that humility would be an ornament to him.

If an increase of power was needed to secure this, they would not fail to ask it.

He helped me secure the position of assistant in English, and here I am.

To prepare it in this way, secure a perch and scale and clean it.

It is very probable that Mrs. Pendarves may have helped to secure this engagement for Handel.

She was so secure in her happiness that she was perfectly calm.

I should be overjoyed if I dared depend on it, but after all that I have seen how can one be secure.

He would, he said, do his utmost to secure the peaceful passage of the troops.