Seduced [verb]

Definition of Seduced:

tempt, ensnare

Synonyms of Seduced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seduced:

Sentence/Example of Seduced:

I am bound, after the divorce, to marry the woman I have seduced.

You have not seduced Mrs. Wharton; you have been seduced by her.

Pardon me, but I seduced no affection, I have broken no tie.

If by such a wretch as thee she can be seduced from the obedience of virtue and the Gods, then let her fall.

The seduced, on the contrary, falls completely under the power of the seducer.

He is seduced into the life of pleasure, and becomes a lawless person and a rogue.

Will he who is seduced learn the habit of courage; or will the seducer acquire temperance?

My treatise was admirable; but I had seduced the daughter of my protector.

Even the Gothic Christians were seduced by these alluring refinements.

The admirable success of Mr. Magennis's experiment has seduced you!'