Seducer [noun]

Definition of Seducer:


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Sentence/Example of Seducer:

Indeed, I can hardly, at times, bear the seducer in my sight.

She fancied every man a seducer, and every hour an hour of accumulating peril!

Her seducer was poor, so that it was not his fortune that attracted her.

The seduced, on the contrary, falls completely under the power of the seducer.

The thoughts, sentiments and will are all directed by the impulses of the seducer.

Will he who is seduced learn the habit of courage; or will the seducer acquire temperance?

You do not mean that Gabriac was the seducer of Madame de Bertin?

She cursed her daughter and her seducer, and even blamed me.

She told her that she had met her seducer, and how he had cast her off.

When I come back from the Rhine, she will tell me who her seducer is.