Seducing [verb]

Definition of Seducing:

tempt, ensnare

Synonyms of Seducing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seducing:

Sentence/Example of Seducing:

They had no difficulty in seducing, first Senesino, then Montagnana, and finally Heidegger.

Many had already been the victims of his seducing arts; were they to blame?

There's no seducing these women; with them it's a thing of course.

Lucio then told her, Claudio was imprisoned for seducing a young maiden.

And Billy called a little, seducing call, with two grunts at the end.

But he does this by seducing them into rebellion against the Most High.

At that date, you understand, he had not the least idea of seducing any one of these ladies.

So it would seem I have been seducing myself with optimisms.

I ought to look upon his desire of seducing my wife as charitable?

If he thinks there is hope of my seducing Simon, he will not be so quick to want to kill him.