Seductions [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Seductions:

His passion is so intense that he has no desire to paint her seduction as greater than it was.

Could begin the work of seduction—in honorable fashion, so to speak.

Their experience of sexual life makes them experts in the art of seduction.

When we give in or conform to this seduction we generate Sin.

If he couldn't get them by seduction, he meant to take them in a raid.

As to the reproach of seduction, I entreat you to spare me such an accusation.

This is how he completed his work of seduction by telling me the history of his life.

Dress up in that lacy black thing—you are seduction itself in it.'

Then there are baseballs of graded excellence and seduction.

Penn was employed in the work of seduction, but to no purpose.