Seductive [adjective]

Definition of Seductive:

alluring, sexy

Synonyms of Seductive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seductive:

Sentence/Example of Seductive:

But then--How seductive a subject is eighteenth-century Bath!

He yielded not; adamantine to the seductive lure, he picked up his heels and ran.

"You must be a howl," commented the captain, making for the seductive locker.

The seductive game of poker is one that I do not understand.

Gervaise didn't understand this because she no longer found Lantier seductive.

A band of Hungarian gipsies plays inspiriting and seductive music.

She was young and vain, and the world was gay and seductive.

"We missed you sadly, Mrs. Mansergh," said he, smiling his most seductive smile.

Her voice was low pitched, penetrating, and of the most seductive gentleness.

"You are putting it on," she interrupted in her seductive voice, with a coaxing intonation.