Seductively [adverb]

Definition of Seductively:

in an attractive or pleasing manner

Opposite/Antonyms of Seductively:


Sentence/Example of Seductively:

And yet how bedecked oftentimes' How seductively ornamented!

The very look and the sound of her were sweet, seductively sweet.

But she leaned not imperatively, not seductively, but wistfully and humbly.

Like a spectral invitation, those five letters, F-a-n-n-y, gleamed before him so seductively.

They 'doctored' some rabbit paunches with strychnine cunningly enough, and laid them seductively in the field.

Her statuesque and seductively lovely limbs only craved for the writhings of pleasure, not the pangs of maternity.

And yet she looks so seductively daring that he smiles, softens, and kisses Cecil in a passion of tenderness.

And behind him was money and opportunity, freedom and London, a great background of seductively indistinct hopes.

He had said it times without number to Fanny, but first—how seductively virginal she had been—on a veranda at night.

The ways of children, their moods and manners, have never been more vividly and seductively portrayed.