Seductiveness [noun]

Definition of Seductiveness:

charm, attractiveness

Synonyms of Seductiveness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seductiveness:

Sentence/Example of Seductiveness:

At the present moment he was fairly dazzled with her beauty, spirit, and seductiveness.

Then her manner softened into a seductiveness of forgiveness once again.

The "Saracen's Head" is all suavity and seductiveness compared to mine.

There was seductiveness for Elisaveta in the nakedness of these impetuous bodies.

Even on Dearborn Street the seductiveness of spring was in the air.

But that, together with all the charm and seductiveness she could summon, might be enough.

Hence the candle has the seductiveness of a prize, but at the same time carries the suggestion of burning the fingers.

Some men would have surrendered to the seductiveness of her voice; not so the vicomte.

The other seasons are full of sensuous charm and seductiveness.

Well done, Bérangère; that makes you the god-mother of a ray, the ray of seductiveness and charm.