Seductress [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Seductress:

And yet why did this face, which had in it none of the charms of the seductress, disturb her so profoundly?

Make peace with the seductress, who leads the prince from the path of virtue!

You're a seductress and a witch and a sorcerer and an enchantress.

Paphnutius for instance, who was visited by such a seductress.

She was an adventuress, a Cyprian, a seductress attempting to snare Peter in the brazen web of her comeliness.

Like a seductress in green, the mountain lured the stranger on with promises of things that were ahead.

The lightning that flashed from her blue eyes changed her from seductress to angry goddess.

But Aristotle dismissed the seductress and thus delivered his prince from death.