Seeding [noun]

Definition of Seeding:

rainmaking technique

Synonyms of Seeding:

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Sentence/Example of Seeding:

The time of seeding will have to be settled by the height of the land and by the climate.

On banks and terraces it is preferable to use sods rather than seeding.

From this give a reason for tilling soil, for rolling after seeding.

He did not wonder that the seeding on Los Muertos seemed to be hastily conducted.

Listen, it is something like this: On Quien Sabe, all last week, we have been seeding the earth.

The lime should go into the soil a few days, or more, prior to the seeding.

The delay in seeding until August is due largely to this pest.

Plant-food is needed, and should be mixed with the soil when the seeding is made.

In August it is plowed again, and fitted for seeding to wheat.

The fertilizer should be drilled into the ground prior to the seeding.