Seekers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Seekers:

For they were certainly no seekers after wealth, or courters of the great.

Moreover we are no respecters of persons, but seekers after truth.

It had been a society of seekers; it became a society of believers.

The usher mistook me for one of the seekers and thrust me bodily into the circle.

These men of experience, integrity, and discernment are seekers after truths.

But somehow every step seemed to lead the seekers into greater difficulties.

To all seekers after holiness this is a lesson of deep importance.

Other seekers are a woman in search of love, and her brother in search of materials for a novel.

Then spake the oldest of the seekers: “Show us the way to the land.”

The poem called "The Seekers" is beautifully apt in this regard.