Seemed [verb]

Definition of Seemed:

appear; give the impression

Opposite/Antonyms of Seemed:


Sentence/Example of Seemed:

A gentle strain of music, scarcely audible, seemed to make reply.

He seemed to make a strong effort to check some sudden impulse.

Yet all seemed cheerless; for the heart of Paralus was desolate.

Soon as I looked at her it seemed to me I'd known her always.

Making an effort to rise, he seemed surprised at his own weakness.

It seemed, however, that he had merely been thinking intently.

Mrs. Drelmer glanced above to where some one seemed to be waiting for him.

Then I heard a mighty voice, that seemed to proceed from within the Parthenon.

He was very glad to earn money in this way, since it seemed he was to have no fish to dispose of.

The more she thought of Robert's losing his place, the more unfortunate it seemed.