Seeming [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Seeming:

The old man read it and for a time mused himself into seeming oblivion.

Miss Milbrey nodded encouragement, seeming to chuckle inwardly.

Don't let me be surprised at your seeming unsisterliness, Bella.

Then there is a seeming silence, but it is the silence of a deeper sound.

She started suddenly awake, seeming to have been roused by the opening of a door.

The sincerity of him was excuse enough for the seeming indelicacy of the question.

Mary subtly evaded the question, while seeming to give unqualified assent.

The explanation of this seeming change of character is at hand.

A point of seeming difference between them establishes their identity.

He may lay pipes and pull wires, seeming for a little to succeed.