Seemingly [adverb]

Definition of Seemingly:


Synonyms of Seemingly:

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Sentence/Example of Seemingly:

The hostility to this seemingly harmless teaching was of the most intense.

Only the maid answered the ringing of the telephone, and his notes were seemingly unheeded.

Aggie became flippant, seemingly unimpressed by the Inspector's savageness.

I have often seen my mother try it, and it seemingly refreshed her.

There were his pursuers making ready for the attack, seemingly hundreds of them.

He was only about twenty-five yards away now, seemingly circling the ship.

Life, life, everywhere, and seemingly this underground world was endless.

Ichabod stood up, seemingly longer and gaunter than ever before.

Then Silvere remembered that the seemingly far-off Sunday was only a week old.

He stopped short, seemingly struck by a new and amazing idea.