Seemly [adjective]

Definition of Seemly:

appropriate, suitable

Synonyms of Seemly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seemly:

Sentence/Example of Seemly:

More than a bare recital of the wretched facts, therefore, is not seemly.

The kindliness of her heart and her desire for the seemly joys of life were unweakened.

It is not seemly; moreover, notice must be given and arrangement made.

Things may perhaps occur which it is not seemly your gentle eyes should witness.

Whether he was or not, he conceived that he had done the only seemly thing.

Were it not seemly that you did since we are to be wed so soon?

"Between gentlemen it would not be seemly," Mr. Caryll agreed.

"Madam, this is not seemly," cried the second secretary, with awkward dignity.

She seemed to think it not quite a seemly subject, yet she pursued it.

But it was not seemly to allow Mr. Cleever to depart; he was a great man.