Seeps [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Seeps:

There were no sounds but the seep of sand, the moan of wind, the mourn of wolf.

The fourth night from the river we camped at a small "seep" spring.

A growing realization and horror began to seep through Mel's mind.

The tension seemed to seep out of the room as tangible as a stream of water.

Strange stories of Bob's doings began to seep into my office.

But that would still be one helluva lot better than letting millions of acre feet just seep out to sea.

Oil Boxes—Channels containing oily waste which allows the oil to seep slowly upon the bearing.

If we put the water under the pressure, with the hydraulic system, and let it seep into the chamber at a set rate—it might work!

It left him weak and quivering, and John Andrew Farmer lay on his back waiting for his strength to seep back.

There's a normal seepage rate, of course; a certain amount of air will seep right through the molecular structure of the hull.