Seesawed [verb]

Definition of Seesawed:

move back and forth

Synonyms of Seesawed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seesawed:



Sentence/Example of Seesawed:

So they seesawed with thighs crossed X-wise, all intermingled and merged together.

In him the two individualities that make up nearly every human being swung and seesawed.

The score then seesawed until Bolotovsky shot the winning point with a free goal from the foul line.

He danced, and rolled, and seesawed up and down—'pitching,' Mr. Hartley called it.

Thus we seesawed back and forth along a mile and a quarter of battle-line, with the firing equal in intensity from wing to wing.

The score seesawed, until Whitman took the fifth and sixth games, and then Ware got the next four and the set.

She just seesawed her car with three rapid back-and-forth jerks that sent showers of stones from her spinning wheels.

Then the "drug" caught her, and she seesawed again up into the wind and rode springily.