Seethed [verb]

Definition of Seethed:

be very angry

Synonyms of Seethed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seethed:

Sentence/Example of Seethed:

The great Leviathan that maketh the seas to seethe like boiling pan.

I tried to control myself, but the seethe of rage almost choked me.

It was "Thou shalt not seethe the kid in its mother's milk."

And similarly, Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mothers milk.

And the crowd, bereft of baccy, soon will almost cease to "seethe."

They swarm jerkily in it so that the liquid seemed to seethe.

Sphere and block and pyramid ran together, seemed to seethe.

Early the next morning the town began to seethe in the squares.

Russia may seethe with revolution, but ninety-nine per cent.

And he was such a tiny page, He trembled and looked down, For he was sore afraid to seeThe great queen sternly frown.