Seething [verb]

Definition of Seething:

be very angry

Synonyms of Seething:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seething:

Sentence/Example of Seething:

He was stung by some old recollection, and had marched off, seething with fury.

"The whole town is seething with indignation," he called to me.

And on that horizon are the gilded domes and smoking chimneys of the seething city.

Who would think, to look on a scene like this, that the city is seething with dissatisfaction?

Under a more or less calm exterior he was a seething cauldron of passion.

Nought remained where they had been but the seething waters.

One by one the tubes were discharged and tossed down at the seething mob.

In less than an hour other thoughts were seething in his head.

The memory of that moment in his arms was seething within her.

With a seething souse the slops went abroad, all over the floor.