Segmented [adjective]

Definition of Segmented:

intermittent; composed of several tales

Synonyms of Segmented:

Opposite/Antonyms of Segmented:

Sentence/Example of Segmented:

Those of the south aisle are Perpendicular, with segmented heads.

Any one of them might be the unsegmented gut of the segmented animal.

A harvestman, for instance, lacks the waist, and its abdomen is segmented.

There is, however, an important advance on the segmented worms.

The pectoral fins are without the segmented axis of the archipterygium.

The mouth parts, which are not segmented, are adapted for sucking.

Even before this conversion, however, the people had been segmented by the schism between the Roman and Eastern Orthodox churches.

They are not segmented, and form four ridges, seated on the sides of the notochord.

The latter is placed immediately in front of what afterwards becomes the segmented region of the embryo.

Like the other segmented 256 organs of the vertebrate the archinephros develops from before backwards.