Segregates [verb]

Definition of Segregates:

discriminate and separate

Synonyms of Segregates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Segregates:

Sentence/Example of Segregates:

In the society of weeds there is this tendency to segregate, quite as in human society.

He had failed to segregate the men from the women in the provincial prison.

Then again, New York grew too rapidly to segregate any race.

The ommatidium is from the first segregate and consists of few cells.

We could not segregate the sick, nor could we care for them.

They did not segregate into a parlor class and a kitchen class.

Short of use made of them, they tend to segregate into a peculiar world of their own.

No attempt is made to segregate the entries by year, since we are interested in the total, not the annual increment.

It shows in Scorpio and Limulus a tendency to segregate into minor groups or “ommatidia.”

I would not segregate them, because I respect a man's free-will and his front-door and his right to be tried by his peers.