Seized [adjective]

Definition of Seized:


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Sentence/Example of Seized:

He was seized with fear for what he might do in his despair.

In spite of the wound he seized the musket and forcibly wrested it from our hero.

She had begun to pull away in alarm when he seized her wrist.

And you seized his cane in a fury, and broke it in returning the blow.

In April, 1870, a party of English travelers in Greece were seized by brigands.

Since I have seized my own liberty I am a fanatic for freedom.

It was upon this last point that I seized with most avidity.

She had shown no sign of life at any time since he had first seized her.

He also seized the opportunity of offering him a libretto for a new oratorio.

He leaped to his feet and seized her savagely by the shoulders.