Seizing [verb]

Definition of Seizing:

grab, take

Synonyms of Seizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Seizing:

Sentence/Example of Seizing:

Seizing the lamp from the hearth, she hastened to the window that overlooked the street-door.

But the rest of the men slept heavily, seizing the unwonted chance.

Seizing Taffy by the hand, he led him into what was the storehouse of the cave.

Seizing a match-box, he struck a light and held it to the hook.

I asked the staff-captain, seizing him by the arm, and involuntarily rejoicing.

Seizing the largest, I felt the lock of the door that led to the cell.

Seizing the sheath with the other hand, that the pallet had dropped from.

"Yes, I will go," I cried, seizing a dessert-knife which was on my bureau.

He licked his wide, cruel lips, seizing the girl's arms as in a vise.

And seizing her in his arms he picked her up and gave her a resounding kiss.