Selections [noun]

Definition of Selections:

preference from among choices

Synonyms of Selections:

Opposite/Antonyms of Selections:

Sentence/Example of Selections:

What points should be considered in the selection of desserts?

(a) Why should care be exercised in the selection of foods to be canned?

However, when this is done, care should be taken in the selection.

What may be said of the selection of a pan for cooking candy?

(b) What factors should be considered in the selection of cereals?

We have already observed that the selection of this name was judicious in more than one relation.

It is not to be supposed that the selection cost her one moment's hesitation.

It can only be maintained by the rigid continuance of the selection.

For the selection of that spot she gave a particular reason.

Is it satisfactorily proved, in fact, that species may be originated by selection?