Selfishness [noun]

Definition of Selfishness:


Synonyms of Selfishness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Selfishness:


Sentence/Example of Selfishness:

But do try to believe, at the same time, that my own selfishness has been a kindness to you.

"He is cruel, and the very incarnation of selfishness," he said.

In the selfishness of his misery he looked upon this as lack of sympathy with himself.

God had made Amy so that she had less trouble from selfishness than all but a few people.

Ambition, selfishness, and the love of success, were alike his inspiration and his ruin.

But I shall marry you in spite of your selfishness because I know you're as good as I'm likely to get!

God's truth is universal; it cannot be monopolized by selfishness.

I warned you how it would be,—your own selfishness will betray and ruin you.

If you know yourself, you will answer Pride, Selfishness, Ambition.

A further obstacle to the progress of fellowship lies in selfishness.