Selloff [noun]

Definition of Selloff:

competitive sale; sale by bid

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Sentence/Example of Selloff:

He couldn't sell them; he couldn't burn them; he was even compelled to insure them, to his intense disgust.

A far-off volley rumbled over the plain, and a few birds stirred uneasily among the trees.

Those four pictures—I would not sell those four Watteaus for one hundred thousand francs.

He thought these things over carefully and finally decided that he would sell them himself.

For an Indian to sell a horse and wagon in the San Jacinto valley was not an easy thing, unless he would give them away.

For us to take her place it became necessary for us to loan before we could sell and buy.

In proportion as the quantity produced is increased the lower must the price be set in order to sell the whole output.

They have well established their utility in different parts of the kingdom, and any number would sell.

A special agent is authorized to do a specific thing, to sell a home, buy a horse, or effect some particular end or purpose.

What if, after all, Mr. Bellamy proposed to sell his property in favour of the bank!!